Americas Cheapest Family... 

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13 feb 2021



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Thomas Linden
Thomas Linden 13 minuter sedan
They are pliers not wrenches!
Glassy 23 minuter sedan
Love you ❤️
PositivePenny 28 minuter sedan
In college, my super expensive private university had super low-flow showerheads. I have very long hair, although back then it was a little shorter because I had donated it a few months prior (still past my shoulders). I had to shower 5x as long just to get the suds out, and that was with using a cup to collect the water then pour it on my head. Sometimes the money-saving "hacks" actually cost more. Get an adjustable showerhead, keep it on low-flow for most of the shower, switch it to high-pressure for a minute to rinse, wam bam the $30 for a new showerhead just saved you money.
mindy the ugly rat
mindy the ugly rat 36 minuter sedan
what if the kids had peed in the pool ._.
tim parker
tim parker Timme sedan
I know the Intro is sick
Lilo K
Lilo K Timme sedan
“Imagine just later on feeding your children that pig” that’s what they did to me but with my rabbit..
Op In
Op In Timme sedan
Plzz share
RieeBellaHoney Timme sedan
My dad has chickens and ducks for eggs, but he is definitely not like these fckn people smh. He does it for fresh eggs and to give to people/neighbors and family. Also grows vegetables for his own garden. But like I said not like these fckn people. He actually buys toilet paper and uses it like normal people and bread. Some people are just too much. There are actually people in this world that have to do things like this to survive cause they have no choice. Not so they can save and have a big fancy house and designer clothes...smfh. gtfoh
RieeBellaHoney 2 timmar sedan
Hey Felix, you wanna help me do my floor? I pulled the carpet up so I can put tile or vinyl or linoleum. Could use the help. Since you're offering lol. I'll be doing it myself lol
Theodore Bear
Theodore Bear 2 timmar sedan
17:49 *"B*TCH F*CK YOUR HIGHLIGHTS I'M WIPING MY AZZ!"* -Pewdiepie 2-13-2021
santee Atherton
santee Atherton 2 timmar sedan
Even if I don’t watch the whole video I always stop to watch the intros. 😂
E R F 3 timmar sedan
we had bunnies growing up and my father slaughtered them and made us eat it. i have not eaten meat in over 6 years and have trauma from that shit... don't kill and eat your kids' pets pls lmao
Luke Stultz
Luke Stultz 3 timmar sedan
The amount of water they use to fill the pool is way more than if they just used the sink. So screw the kids no more “pool”
Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar 3 timmar sedan
What if the children have peed themselves in the pool
Akshar Anand
Akshar Anand 4 timmar sedan
When they take 5 min craft and troom troom too seriously. I mean even hagemaru (Japanese cartoon of being miser ) are looking rich than them . One thing more is you wanted to be cheap then why you married and had kids . Poor kids sad life
Dagshai1 4 timmar sedan
stop saying f***
Dream ink
Dream ink 4 timmar sedan
I feel for Felix, I get a nosebleed atleast once a week lol
Dagshai1 4 timmar sedan
hey pwyoodieepie
Sam Hyde
Sam Hyde 5 timmar sedan
If the guy had any DIY skills he’d be fine. E.g just paint the fence, save £1.8k
Sean M
Sean M 6 timmar sedan
There has to be drugs involved here
HeyItsNightwolf 6 timmar sedan
Was that the pinkfong sound effects in the intro? I feel like I hear that on my daughters shows
skeppies 6 timmar sedan
bruh. the cheapest family is homeless people with family. bruh
Pew Phew
Pew Phew 7 timmar sedan
ngl lords mobile ads are f**king cringe
Mark Docs
Mark Docs 7 timmar sedan
This guy literally left 5 minutes craft just to start his own business
Corpse at Home
Corpse at Home 8 timmar sedan
Everyone seeing the bacon. ITS FUCKIN RAW
Ajin 8 timmar sedan
How to become rich :
DismalWolf 8 timmar sedan
Omg dude their carpet triggers my OCD so badly...
possy 8 timmar sedan
Love how he put the wwe logo for tlc
Eroll Gamell
Eroll Gamell 9 timmar sedan
Wait, it is unusual there to sell unfurnished old house, i mean why not just list it as it is and ask for lower than the usual market price. Also these guys live in a frikken massive house...
VĮLL 9 timmar sedan
This is sad, this is not pewdiepie no more.
V San
V San 9 timmar sedan
you know how else you can save money? By having less kids.
Grace 9 timmar sedan
we all know for a fact that those plates are lightly glazed with piss
Chucky Mafia
Chucky Mafia 9 timmar sedan
10:37 Volvo for one. Up to date Texas Registration and a TOLL TAG!!!!! Cheap but not when driving to places???? Makes no sense. Toll tags can add up to 40 to 60 dollars a month for light use. If they have a toll tag, they can but furniture
synapse BUYER
synapse BUYER 10 timmar sedan
if I was in that house I would turn on all the taps
Meme nation
Meme nation 10 timmar sedan
Bruh the size of the microwave
Mary Aquino
Mary Aquino 10 timmar sedan
Asians are not surprise.
Joseph B
Joseph B 10 timmar sedan
Bro I’ve seen people with 2 part times live a better life then this wtf lol . Especially with the Cheerios like bro . Get food stamps and pour your child a good amount of serving..
len kagamine
len kagamine 11 timmar sedan
Homeless family: are we joke to you
Gus Pohlman
Gus Pohlman 11 timmar sedan
These are the type of people that will last in an apocalypse
Jacob Jensen
Jacob Jensen 11 timmar sedan
Raising chickens does actually add up, you have to keep buying chicken feed for them. (I have chickens)
Seth Jenkins
Seth Jenkins 11 timmar sedan
Love the videos
Flickan Rimsky
Flickan Rimsky 11 timmar sedan
I am cheap. I can find the cheapest (but decent) things, but I buy them, THAT'S WHAT MONEY IS FOR, TO USE but WISELY. they're not cheap, they're just stingy and it's a disorder at this point.
Zeysi Animations
Zeysi Animations 11 timmar sedan
The last cocomelon intro lmfao
parker Myers
parker Myers 11 timmar sedan
He made the wrench 😆
magnus 801
magnus 801 11 timmar sedan
Whats the use of money if u dont use it
y o c h i l l from state farm
what tha hell
Bossy Punch
Bossy Punch 12 timmar sedan
I wish I was addicted to saving money.. I just have the regular ol’ addiction to spending it 😕
MrCrackshot 12 timmar sedan
When the O brian children when they have a sleep over The kids: so are we in the right house or
anddanny 12 timmar sedan
i worked in a store selling carpet and flooring for almost 2 years and its possible to patch carpet but it would look terrible cause of all of the seaming that you would have to do to make it look good
anddanny 12 timmar sedan
also, these are the worst kind of people to get in the store
Jackson Hartman
Jackson Hartman 12 timmar sedan
Becca Stufflebeam
Becca Stufflebeam 13 timmar sedan
So, I actually follow Jordan Page on Instagram. She actually has some bomb savings tips. She actually talked about this segment they did on her and she said that it was WAY over done. She doesn't pretend that she isn't frugal, but she said the final edit was way extreme. Ive never actually seen it before until now. It makes her look like a psycho lol
Arial Perry
Arial Perry 13 timmar sedan
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager 14 timmar sedan
Inspired by 5 min craft :D
KiingLouis123 14 timmar sedan
They must have drank to much redbull
Rombik 14 timmar sedan
Педюпай топ топ топ топ топ топ
Madison Manning
Madison Manning 14 timmar sedan
literally just go to goodwill and get furniture
Gabriel Barba
Gabriel Barba 14 timmar sedan
As someone who knows how to lay carpet, replacing sections like that is just anathema. It’s awful
Flux_ImBack 15 timmar sedan
The house might have well been made out of duck tape
TrashCan 15 timmar sedan
They must have watched a whole lot of 5-minutes craft lol
Kirima Inman
Kirima Inman 15 timmar sedan
did he just- he said floor gang..
The Fat Cat
The Fat Cat 15 timmar sedan
I mean he's a pretty good SVdownr but how in the world does he have so many subscribers
Bertrum The God
Bertrum The God 15 timmar sedan
that’s quite a house for America’s cheapest family
Karma 15 timmar sedan
I feel sorry for their kids when Christmas comes around lol
Chapdog B
Chapdog B 16 timmar sedan
They literally unscrewed the handles.. its not broken. this is so fake.
C Beck
C Beck 16 timmar sedan
This is absolutely fake as shit, but if it by chance WAS real, they're def drug addicts. And no hoa is letting you raise fking farm animals in your back yard lol.
MacAaron 16 timmar sedan
Pewds a year or more ago when seeing an ad of Lords Mobile: what a shitty game, is someone even really playing that? Pewds when Lords Mobile got some sponsoring: :3
Bruce Burdett
Bruce Burdett 16 timmar sedan
Anyone else think their mouse was on his nose the whole video lol
Do Ngoc Quynh
Do Ngoc Quynh 16 timmar sedan
The bitter delete histomorphometrically trouble because cause typically wave out a special page. literate, devilish rayon
Logan Berg
Logan Berg 16 timmar sedan
She really called vice grips a wrench
glokta _
glokta _ 17 timmar sedan
Just pain it, you just have to pain it
Sophia M
Sophia M 17 timmar sedan
Why does he have a tissue in his nose??
Patrick K
Patrick K 17 timmar sedan
Literally just steal
Scarlett Says
Scarlett Says 17 timmar sedan
this is OCD or another mental health issue, not "being cheap". buying a couch secondhand for $30 and paying to have it steam cleaned is cheap. I can buy a gorgeous couch online right now for $200 and make $10 a week payments on it for the next twenty weeks if I want to. forcing your family of four to ration food and spend family time sitting on the floor while all the children's friends have furniture and snacks when they're hungry is extremely damaging. these kids are gonna grow up to hate their parents. the parents will say right now that they're "saving up for kids college" but when it's time for kids to go to college, they'll say "what is the cheapest community College" regardless of how intelligent the children are or where they get accepted. if these kids want a decent degree, they're gonna have to take out loans while the parents, who deprived them their entire lives using the kids future as an excuse, sit on millions that they saved by rationing their kids food. this is very ill, to be honest, not being cheap or saving for the kids. all that is just an excuse to continue to engage in their illness.
strynxte 17 timmar sedan
do a face reveal
Tor Larsson
Tor Larsson 17 timmar sedan
lol it isn't even a wrench it is a welding clamp... Just to be a bit meticulous :)
The Fat Cat
The Fat Cat 15 timmar sedan
It's actually a vise grip
ShadowMare Z
ShadowMare Z 17 timmar sedan
She goes "Living room furniture can cost 10k"... You can buy a Couch from GoodWill for $100..... These people are just Stupid, not cheap.
Delano Davis
Delano Davis 18 timmar sedan
Why are they even being cheap? What are they saving for? Are they looking for jobs? then why have the huge ass house and not an apartment? these have to be fake
pinkchihua 18 timmar sedan
The point which Pewds made about just going to Starbucks and stealing the toilet paper rather than doing this shit is so valid lmao
Pontus Lindgren
Pontus Lindgren 18 timmar sedan
Haha, I love that you shit so hard on the ads for mobile games really hard for a while and mention that they offer a lot of money. Now you do it yourself, I guess they made an offer you couldn't refuse haha. No hate though, gotta get that money. Älskar dig Felix, kung är du!
Pontus Lindgren
Pontus Lindgren 17 timmar sedan
Måste göra en andra kommentar, vem vet, du kanske läser den. Men att köpa en gris och höns och slakta dom är väldigt mycket snällare än att köpa kött i affär. Förutsatt att du tar god hand om djuret så klart. Jag är inte vegan eller vegetarian, men kött vi äter kommer från döda djur. Så att föda upp djur och slakta dem senare är inte grymt, det är naturligt. Brukar oftast hålla med dina sätt att resonera men här tycker jag att du resonerar lite fel. Älskar dig fortfarande, puss.
Ayomide George
Ayomide George 18 timmar sedan
Nah this video was to fuvking funny 🤣🤣🤣
Reaction Meme
Reaction Meme 18 timmar sedan
Dollar store: *i guess am worthless now*
SAVANNAH MULLIN 18 timmar sedan
Don't forget to buy Pewdiepie Merch and get Grammarly!
S M.zaidi
S M.zaidi 18 timmar sedan
Woman: lives in a quarter to a half a million dollar house Also Woman: " I'm the ULTIMATE cheapskate house wife ever"
miles 18 timmar sedan
I have all notifications on for you and haven’t gotten notified in like 5 months
S M.zaidi
S M.zaidi 18 timmar sedan
What the... THOSE HOUSES WERE HUGE!! that's not "cheap living" if you have fkin mansions. They're just ungrateful imo, Just visit India and you'll know what I'm talking about. I think that's a fair play if you squeeze every penny but still be able to live in a decent house, here people have to live in small houses AND on top of that live just one step above homelessness. I may be exaggerating a bit but that's kinda how it is, they also have a good reliable car too. "cheapest family of America" my ass
Bearkid 18 timmar sedan
Guaranteed toilet paper is One ply
Aly Haywood
Aly Haywood 18 timmar sedan
my thing is, they really could reuse the water in safe ways, like using them to water the plants instead of running a sprinkler system. Washing dishes in it is just unhygienic. Also I don't think these people know about thrift stores or second hand furniture?? Like there are plenty of alternatives to saving money and being frugal, but this ain't one of them. This is just stingy. I feel bad for their kids.
Aly Haywood
Aly Haywood 18 timmar sedan
Also, the cheapest shower head I could find was like 10 bucks, it's not like they'd be breaking bank.
Yoda 19 timmar sedan
Essa 19 timmar sedan
Honestly why move in a house so big? If they were having problems at the beginning that should’ve been a clear sign to maybe move into an apartment no? Rent a damn basement?! And for the second family they have no excuse like tf? The house is HUGE!!! THEY LOOK RICH!!! THEY COULD SELL SHIT IN THEIR HOUSE!! This is just MTV’s my crib, cheapskate edition 😤
DC GAMER 20 timmar sedan
It's like Indian jugaad 😂... We have money but we doing our best to use that product for infinite days 😂
Nicolas Roman Segura
Nicolas Roman Segura 20 timmar sedan
12:23 why does the wife always look like she's had the most amazing revelation of her life
XV_ ClapZ
XV_ ClapZ 20 timmar sedan
They could’ve just hired a professional to come clean the carpet😂😂😂
O'BRIEN LESLIE 20 timmar sedan
They don't have a home so *yes*
You'reBoy 20 timmar sedan
They’re down bad.
Eric Phiffer
Eric Phiffer 20 timmar sedan
Happy birthday
Brody McCanless
Brody McCanless 20 timmar sedan
video starts at 3:00, because Felix decided to spend 2 minutes on Lords mobile advertising
Kizu Ace
Kizu Ace 20 timmar sedan
fuck you watch the ad plus its fo a good cause
Martin Mikeš
Martin Mikeš 21 timme sedan
Is this like reverse hoarding?
abond 22 timmar sedan
I wanna see them during covid-19
jesse Waldron
jesse Waldron 22 timmar sedan
they saved "around 30k" just to need to have to pay way over 30k to finally actually do what they should've done from the start
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